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Tutorialspageforcreatingblogsandwikis       Resourcesformyprofessionaldevelopment 




Welcome to Cholponwikibaw13







Here I would like to practise and display everything I have learned, am learning and will learn from BaW13.






A wiki map:


  • BaW 13 production page contains all my productions learnt from BaW 12 and mostly in BaW 13.



  • BaW 13 audio tools page has my audio productions and tutorials of the given tool for later reference (each tool is so different, that is quite challenging for me to create or manage something, so I need tutorials for a while I guess).

  • BaW 13 video tools page has my video productions and tutorials of the given tools for reference.

  • BaW 13 other productions page contains all my other productions learnt from BaW 12 and mostly in BaW 13.


  • Some other tutorials page


  • Resources for food for thought and my professional development 






Comments (2)

Kerry Shepherd said

at 9:55 pm on Feb 4, 2013

Hi Cholpon, thanks for letting me in - now we know how that piece works. I also have created a PBworks wiki. Like to join? Here's the link: http://youngshep.pbworks.com/w/page/63244322/FrontPage

I love Voki - I have used it in a Moodle site to give instructions. Each week I change it to add new instructions for the week. One thing I noticed though - it's always better to use your own voice - I find the Voki voice very flat and doesn't always pause where it should.

Kerry (youngshep)

Kerry Shepherd said

at 9:56 pm on Feb 4, 2013

I also really like your links - especially the tutorial one that goes straight to my favourite tutor, Russell Stannard

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